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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Students are encouraged to become involved in the various student clubs and activities organized each year by teachers and parents. In consultation with the principal, teachers and parents are responsible for determining how many students can be involved, time and location. Any parent who is interested in leading a club should contact the school office. Most clubs and activities are available at no cost to students with expenses covered by the Belgravia Parent Council.

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy


    We believe:

    - all classrooms are inclusive learning areas
    - in providing an environment where all students, parents, and staff take part to create a safe and caring school.

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The small and intimate nature of the school, the values held by the school, parents and the community, and the high degree of parent and community support and involvement all contribute to a positive environment. “Buddy Reading”, cross-grade events and our student citizenship and leadership initiatives reinforce a sense of community among the students. A general sense of caring, consideration and respect among students, staff and parents
is prevalent.




Principal's Message

Schools in today’s society have multiple goals. The education at Belgravia gives children access to the arts, sciences, literature, history and languages, as well as opportunities to develop decision-making and critical and creative thinking skills. Our school supports health and safety while preparing children for a diverse and dynamic world. Dedicated staff, committed parents and keen students support this wonderful learning environment.

Communication between home and school is integral to maintaining strong relationships. Please review our school handbook (also online at belgravia.epsb.ca) together with your child as it includes important information about our daily operation and student and parent expectations. Please check your child’s agenda book on a daily basis—it is a great source for information! The partnership between home and school is imperative to student success; this handbook is not intended to replace the personal communication that we strive to achieve and enjoy.

I anticipate an exciting and significant year for all learners at Belgravia!

Learning Together,

Rodney French, Principal